Do you need to eliminate credit card debt you cannot pay?

Are you worried about real or potential threats and actions against you by a debt collector or collection attorney?

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Would you like to have a ready response that will make that debt collector or collection attorney go away?

Would you like to know how to avoid a credit card debt lawsuit?

Or, if you are one of the few actually served, would you like to be prepared to answer a credit card debt summons in a way that frustrates the collection attorney?

I was in the same situation.  I had to eliminate credit card debt totaling $63,000 I could not pay. I did not know who to trust or where to turn. I had feelings of hopelessness.

After a lot of research and some learning experiences, I discovered that if you can knowledgably frustrate debt collectors and collection attorneys, they do not want to work harder to collect from just you.  They are paid on commission.  They are motivated to focus their energies on the thousands of other non-resistant consumer debtors assigned to them.

I learned the credit card companies, their debt collectors and their collection attorneys take advantage of our fears.  They play on our good conscience. They lie to us to collect money.

In 2009, according to, over 15 million people defaulted on their credit card debt.  Going into debt or staying in debt to pay for monthly necessities is a common occurrence in today’s economy.  Clearly, your credit card debt problem is not unique.  You are not alone.  And that, believe it or not, is good news. 

It is good news because, if you learn to become more difficult to collect from than other consumer debtors, debt collectors and collection attorneys will not waste anymore of their time with you.  They will focus their ambitions on the large number of other less well-informed consumer debtors.

My name is Mel Thompson.  I avoided paying my credit card debt, and I avoided bankruptcy by learning how to frustrate debt collectors and collection attorneys.  What I learned is, just because you owe and cannot pay does not mean you are helpless. Here’s my full story.

The recommendations I make in the Credit Card Debt Survival Guide are based on my experience and on proven practices backed up by consumer protection laws. They are based on months of research. They separate truth from Internet myth. They are tried and tested.  I made mistakes.  I learned from them.  And now, you can benefit from them.

I show you the proper language to use with debt collectors, their collection notices, and their threats of court action, as well as with collection attorneys and their blanket credit card debt summonses that fish for non-respondents. With the right language you'll force these commission-paid adversaries to take you seriously and to spend their time collecting from the large number of uninformed, non-resistant consumer debtors. This language is based on my successful experiences. To be effective, a debt validation letter, for example, needs to be a properly worded demand for documentation.

Many consumer debtors have bought the Credit Card Debt Survival Guide.  Below are the stories of two, who I counseled.

“I owed close to $100,000 in credit card debt.  I had been contacted by several debt collectors and eventually received one credit card debt court summons.  I used the guide and technical support to respond to the debt collectors and answer the summons.  The debt collectors quit calling. There was no response to my summons answer, and the court case was dropped.” Milt H., Burbank, California

“My wife and I owed $70,000 in credit card debt. We had both lost our jobs. As the months of non-payment passed, we were contacted by debt collectors and collection attorneys threatening lawsuits.  The guide and technical support gave us the material to convince these people to get off our backs and probably spend their time with other less savvy debtors.” Bob R. Portland, Oregon

In the Credit Card Debt Survival Guide You get 100 pages in Chapters 6 through 9 conveniently organized in a Table of Contents linking to each chapter and subsection for quick reference directing you to the information you need to solve your problem. Information including:

  • Sample debt validation letters and follow-up written communications to frustrate debt collectors and collection attorneys

  • Links to debt forums and authoritative websites to reassure you that these are the best practices for fending off debt collectors and collection attorneys,

  • The specific wording of phrases that need to be in a debt validation letter and its follow-up, all ready for you to copy and easily customize to your situation.

  • How to respond in writing to debt collectors and collection attorneys to avoid being involved in a court case

  • How the sources of debt collection—original creditors, junk debt buyers, collection agencies and collection attorneys—differ and how to adjust your written communications accordingly

  • Debt collector lies and deceptive actions to be ready for

  • The best practices for dealing with debt collectors and collection attorneys

  • How to respond to a credit card debt summons, if necessary

  • Why collection attorneys do not expect to and are not prepared to actually move ahead with a court case once they receive an answer from a debtor

  • How to find the right kind of help in online debt forums, on other helpful websites, and with attorneys specializing in consumer rights

  • What to do if the creditor attempts to force you into arbitration

  • How to sue a debt collector and how to get “free” (contingency-fee-based) legal help to do so

  • Chapters 1-5 totaling 140 additional pages provide useful background on the debt collection and debt service industries.

When you receive a collection notice from a debt collector, collection attorney or junk debt buyer you have a choice to make.

  1. You can admit defeat and begin bankruptcy proceedings.  (You can always file for bankruptcy.  That should be the very last option, not one of the first.)

  2. You can do nothing. (It is alright to ignore collection phone calls, but NOT responding to written notices and NOT making the debt collector work to document your debt will cause you problems.)

  3. You can begin to look online for information on how you should respond.  If you have enough time, you will find debt validation letters online, as well as answers to credit card summonses, just as I did.  But, that information is not verified.  You do not know if it is tried and tested.  You do not know if debt collectors will take it seriously. You’ll need to continue searching to find the same recommendations in other places. If you have enough time, you may succeed.

  4. Or, you can purchase the Credit Card Debt Survival Guide for $47 with its money-back guarantee, its best practices and the numerous links you can use to verify its information.  For $47 you can be ready NOW to solve your credit card debt problems.

Would you pay $47 to get out of your current situation?

$27 is about the same as one monthly credit-card late fee.

$27 is a fraction of what a legal or financial professional charges for just one hour of their time.  How many hours of their time will it take to solve your problem?  Do they provide a money-back guarantee?

How can you be sure this will work for you? 

You can be sure the use of this language in your communications to debt collectors and collection attorneys will separate you from the many easy, head-in-the-sand consumer debtors they are pursuing

Stop worrying about your credit card debt. 

Make the best use of your time. 

Prepare yourself with the right specialized knowledge. 

Put your financial house in order. 

Regain your peace of mind.

Get started today with the Credit Card Debt Survival Guide by taking advantage of our low $47 price.

Don’t forget our truly unconditional 60-day money-back guarantee.  If you want your money back, you will get it back.

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